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1988 Corsica Drive Train & Driveline Stalling

was told torque locking due to bad solenoid engine will start and run fine until trans engaged forward and reverse i own 3 of these i just put this one on the road only 70, 000 mi. on it my others 150 plus i never had this before and have driven a few of these tough old cars into the ground is there something i am missing i did just change the rad and starter and discovered the tranny solenoid unplugged i stuck it back in and this is my reward? any feedback would be nice

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1990 Corsica Engine Hesitating

When driving trying to accelerate engine has no get up. put accelerator pedal to floor no good ease off pedal all the way push lightly gradualy picks up speed please help thanks.

1989 Corsica Fuel System Hesitating

When driving down the road the car will hesitate. Like fuel has been cut off all together. Sometimes this happens when is starts, when its cold, and when its warm. If I let off of the gas the car comes back to an idle and if I let it idle, after a few minutes it will run again. I have repalced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, o2 sensor, map sensor, computer, and about ever air sensor possible because I was told my fuel to air mixture was off. None of which has worked, could It be the injectors? That would be the only thing left I can think of.

Please Help


1993 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems Other

diagnostic codes for service light on was 42 and 43 for EST and ESC respectively (i.e. spark tuning and circiut).would i need to prlace the sensor/module?

1988 Corsica Engine Stalling

Always shudders and then stalls once after 10 blocks if car has sat for more than eight hours. Giving a little gas when it starts to stall might keep it running but will be very sluggish. A few minutes later the car will run fine the rest of the day. Sometimes it is slightly sluggish while accelerating. Replaced spark plug wires, crank sensor, and ignition coils. Ran great for 700 miles and then started symptoms again. Pep Boys and Chevorlet dealership cannot find anything on its diagnostic tests. Something strange, my cigarette lighter keeps blowing a fuse after it stalls and doesn't share with anything eles. Pardon my ignorance. I'm sure its pure coincidence.

1995 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems Other

Where is the flasher unit on the Corsica 95. I know that we have a hazard unit under the dash board but I can't find the other place of the flasher unit.



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1990 Corsica Engine Chugging

When I turn on the car, the engine chugs like it is going to stall out. It has never actually stalled. Also, when i'm driving at lower speeds, it seems to sputter some times, like its out of gas. It only started doing this after my radiator hose burst. I patched it up for a couple days before I could get it fixed. After it was fixed, it started doing this. After driving for longer periods of time, it gets better, until I have to stop...then it continues again. Ive changed the fuel filter, and air filter, and it seemed to run a little better afterwards.

Also, ive noticed that the cooling fan doesnt seem to come on. ive been told that its probably the fuel pump, but i dont know much about cars and dont want to have things fixed and still have problems. please help.

1994 Corsica Engine Chugging

My 1994 Corsica has a new alternator, good battery and air cleaner. All test good. It runs fine at a steady speed, but misfires when accelerating. At the same time the Bat, ABS and Airbag lites come on. What might be causing this?

1994 Corsica Engine Stalling

Okay, maybe all you chevy experts can get this one.
New wife's 6 cyl/auto corsica has this hesitation/stalling problem thruout rpm range. Always happens when throttle (gas pedal, NO CC) is stationary at whatever speed we are driving, and even a VERY minor movement pushing down or letting off the pedal solves the problem. Of course, when coasting to a stop, you can't rev the engine so it dies. At speed when it happens, if pedal is not moved within 15-20 sec's, the engine will die.

Repeatedly, this may go on for hours or only minutes, or only once. Temperature ranges from Baltimore blizzards to Yuma summers, and right after cold start to second tank of a cross country trek. The only constant is it seems to happen more often after left hand turns, in fact is almost guaranteed after turn in to our housing area.

Engine light is not total predictor of problem, as it comes and goes whether stalling or not.
EGR, plugs and wires, and the other normal things, plus a few other things have been replaced per various codes over the last 3 years at various shops on east coast, and problem returns almost immediately, with a different code.
I recently blew out the vapor canistor and return lines and have been leaving the fuel cap vented, and this seems to lessen the problem. I originally thought it might be a clogged in-tank fuel filter, but with additives and varying tank levels, there has been no change.

My thoughts now are the TPS, but I am a ford guy, and don't have that much experience with OBD.
Any takers
Yuma, AZ1991 Corsica Ignition System Failing If i drive the corsica and let the engine get warm/hot and shut it off it will start right back up. But if i let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes and then try to start it, it will not start. It cranks but does not spark. After it has cooled down it then starts. I replaced the ignition module but it made no difference.

1996 Corsica Chassis, Suspension & Steering Making Noise

About a year ago I inherited a 1996 chevy corsica from my father. It has 130, ooo miles on it. As far I I know (from misc. records he had in his papers) he kept up the maintenance on it and made sure it was regularly cared for. In the past year I have regularly had the oil changed and recently had the transmission fluid drained and replaced (but not flushed thought the system)The problem I have noticed is that at times (generally when I start up and drive out) the car makes noise when I turn the steering wheel. It is difficult to describe it except to say that sounds like something either isnt properly lubricated or is out of sync. A friend said maybe it needs power steering fluid? Any ideas? does it sound like a serious problem that means replacing parts with big money attached? Also (off topic) Does this kind of car need dry gas or fuel injector cleaner put into it?

I need to do my best to make this car last me a few years so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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1994 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems Other

where is the fuse box located? help? thanks

1988 Corsica Chassis, Suspension & Steering Making Noise

Car squeeks when steering wheel is turned. Does it need steering fluid? And if so, where do I put it? The car runs good otherwise.

1996 Corsica Engine Other

i need to know how much to tork my rocker arms to

1988 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems Malfunction

88 Corsica, interior lights dim when headlights are turned on and turn signals barely work when they are on. The low beams are not working, but the high beams are. Is it more than likely the swith or a ground?

1993 Corsica Drive Train & Driveline Other

i have a 1993 corsica 3.1L with a hydramatic transaxle which runs great when cool but after a short time on the interstate it dont wanna downshift when breaking. any clues as to what could be causing this. i just changed the fluid and filter and the problem didnt stop.

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1992 Corsica Fuel System Stalling

This problem is intermittent, but doesn't happen often. Mostly stalls out when cold and will not restart for 5 - 10 min. without firing at all. One time it started to stall and recovered when the accelerator was backed off. Does it sound like the fuel pressure regulator is malfunctioning?

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1988 Corsica Engine

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1990 Corsica Engine

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1994 Corsica Engine

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1996 Corsica Chassis, Suspension & Steering

1994 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems

1988 Corsica Chassis, Suspension & Steering

1996 Corsica Engine

1988 Corsica Electrical & Lighting Systems

1993 Corsica Drive Train & Driveline

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